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Services and Specialties

Finding a therapist is a great way to change your life, improve your relationships, and enrich your world.

I provide Individual therapy for all who need it. I believe therapy should be for everyone.  I work with individuals who are trying to improve themselves. People who need help after difficult experiences or who know their lives have more potential and wish to reach it. 

I provide an empathetic, caring and insightful experience to help you feel safe to explore your world and gain the resilience you need. My work is non-judgemental and helps you cultivate a peaceful mind because a mind at peace is a mind open to joy.

My specialties include:

It can be difficult to cope and heal from bad things that have happened you. It’s not your fault that something hurt you but it can feel like its taking your life away. Trauma can affect your life for many years after the event or situation that caused it. It isn’t a problem that’s easily resolved, especially if you try to do it on your own. But therapy can help you overcome trauma and get a new lease on life.

Adoption is a lifelong journey — one that continuously shapes the lives of adoptive parents, birth parents and, most importantly, adoptees. Just as no two adoptions are alike, every adopted person’s experience is different. Whatever your feelings toward adoption, it can be helpful to talk to someone who specializes in adoption.

The pain of loss can feel overwhelming. While we tend to think of grief as something that happens when a person dies, there are many different kinds of grief, and each one requires acknowledgment. The emotions can  be upsetting but you don’t have to experience it alone.

Relationship therapy is for people who find themselves isolated from people in their lives. If you have difficulty connecting to people it can effect every relationship your in. You may start to feel like the outsider but its not your fault. Past issues can leave an you vulnerable to difficulties in forming secure relationships.  Stop the cycle and learn how to make the connections you need. 

The combination of Ketamine and therapy can bring experience of insight at to previously unseen depths. Using psychiatric medications like Ketamine can help therapy reach a whole new level.

Experiences alone can lead to short changes, but it is through integration that we learn to create long term changes.

People Who May Benefit from Therapy at The Kaleidoscope Center:

People who have Experienced Grief & Loss * Adult Adoptees * Parents who have Adopted * Individuals from Minority Communities

  Adults with Co-Dependency Issues * People with a History or Trauma, Child Abuse & Neglect, or Sexual Abuse

  Individuals who want to Improve their Relationship * People Experiencing Difficulty in Relationships * Individuals Going Through a Divorce or Break-ups * Adults Experiencing Infertility

* Adults from the LGBTQIA Community * Queer Individuals  * Individuals Experiencing Life Transitions * Trauma  *  Anxiety  * Depression * Women’s Issues  * Pregnancy/Childbirth

  Anyone who Would Like to Experience Personal Insight and Development

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