How I Create Change


My work is designed to help you overcome persistent behaviors, thoughts and emotions. Through patience and care I help you understand the parts of yourself that are causing you pain. Once we see these issues clearly I provide you with the skills that help you find anther way to interact with the world. Through this work my clients learn how to create meaningful relationships, and consistent self-confidence in all areas of your life.

My approach is based on the belief that in order to benefit from therapy – the therapeutic relationship must be grounded in honesty, direct communication, collaboration and compassion. None of us will ever be able to see ourselves completely, but though a therapeutic relationship we can start to understand those hidden parts of ourselves. I look at how you want to grow, take charge of your obstacles and collaboratively work through the root issues.

I integrate different therapeutic approaches based on your unique profile. There is a focus on the relationship along with a healthy dose of humor and resilience training to push you toward your goals. I am here to work with you as you deeply explore and overcome obstacles, safe in the knowledge that you have a solid, direct and skilled ally to support you in your process.

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